• Coat & Cure Demonstration
    UV Cured Powder Coating on 3D Printed Composite

UV Cured Powder Coatings

– Safe – Energy Efficient – Solvent Free – Water Free – Instant Cure –

Keyland Polymer develops, formulates, and manufactures UV curable powder coatings that are instantly cured with UV light energy. UV powder coatings are a safesolvent free, and energy efficient alternative for coating a variety of heat sensitive substrates and traditional metal materials.

UV Cured Powder Coating Substrates

UV cured powder coatings are ideal for plastic, carbon fiber & composites, metal, wood, and other heat sensitive substrates.

We would love to work with you to develop a coating for your specific application.

Chemistry & Performance

    • Durable coatings designed to meet strict performance requirements
    • Decorative coating that provides a protective barrier
    • High crosslink density for improved surface performance
    • Long lasting finish that provides resistance to impact, scratch, chemicals, abrasion, water, and general wear

Productivity & Profitability

    • Increased finishing capacity
    • Reduced number of parts on the finishing line
    • Productivity improvements in excess 200%
    • Higher throughput = faster returns on investment
    • Smaller footprint with lower energy, material, and labor costs

Environmental & Safety

    • Environmentally friendly coating that contains no solvents, VOCs, HAPs, irritating monomers, or oligomers.
    • No operating or use permits are required
    • Powder can be reclaimed and recycled