uv powder testing equipment

Our  R&D & Testing Laboratory

Keyland has an extensive laboratory and staff of chemists to test, evaluate and validate all the UV powders we develop and manufacture. The test standards we use most often are listed below.

Testing Standards

Crosshatch Adhesion ASTMD3359, Method A&B
Impact Metal: ASTM D2794
Wood: NEMA LD3-2005, 3.8
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D4060
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363
Cleanability/Stain Resistance NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4
Color Analysis Spectrophotometer
Light Booth ASTM, D1729
Coating Thickness Measurement
Non-Destructive ASTM D6132
Destructive ASTM D4138
Solvent Resistance PCI #8
Mandrel Bend ASTM D522 Methods A&B
Gloss Level ASTM D523
Boiling Water Resistance NEMA LD3-2005, 3.5
Texture Evaluation Tenibac Plaque

Powder Testing Capabilities & Equipment

It is important to have good powder flow and charge properties when electrostatically applying UV powder coatings. Therefore, we perform powder testing to determine the optimum conditions for application.

  • We test our UV powder performance for the following properties:
    • Fluidization
    • Storage stability
    • Particle size distribution
    • Viscosity
    • Cure testing (DSC/FTRIR)

    If you have a technical question, feel free to contact us. Our chemists are always up for a challenge.