Keyland Polymer powder coat system

Working With System Integrators

A system integrator is an important piece of the system design process. System integrators work directly with Keyland Polymer, the equipment manufacturers, and the customer to design, develop, test, and install a UV-curable powder coat system. Acting as the project manager, the integrator manages and directs the overall process and ensures the project stays on track and is successfully completed.

Keyland Polymer works with several system integrators in the coatings industry. If a customer has a current integrator or in house engineering capabilities we are more than happy to work with them. However, if this is not the case we can recommend a selection of integrators to work with.

If you are a system integrator and are interested in learning more about how we can work together, please complete our Contact Form.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring UV-cured powder coat finishing chemistry and curing technology to the forefront of the market – replacing end of life solvent liquid and thermal powder coating systems or adding new finishing capacity.

How We Work

When a project is presented to us we first determine if UV-curable powder coatings would be a good fit. If the project is a fit and moves forward, we then involve the system integrators and equipment manufacturers in the system design process. At that point, we would work together to develop a turnkey UV-cured powder coating application system for the customer.

The customer makes the final decision on which system integrator and equipment manufacturers to work with.

the players in our powder coat system

Let’s Work Together

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