a flowchart of the powder coating system design process

UV Powder Coating System Design Process

So you’re interested in a UV-curable powder coating system but not sure where to start? Not sure if UV powder is a good solution for you? That’s where we come in.

Project Process Steps

These are the steps we suggest when evaluating a powder coating system installation.


We begin with an initial conversation. We want to know about your company, products, and finishing challenges and goals.

Finish Requirements

We receive a list of your finish requirements including material, end use, pretreatment, life expectancy, performance, etc.

R&D Trials

If possible, samples of your material are provided. Our chemists then perform a series of trials and tests to evaluate our coating on your material.


If R&D trials are successful for your material, we will send them to you for approval and next steps. Multiple rounds of R&D trials and assessments may be required.


If the above steps are satisfactory, we will engage a system integrator and equipment suppliers to design and engineer a solution for your powder coating system. Our goal is to give you a turnkey solution covering all aspects of your finishing system in a total applied cost budget.

System Installation

Ultimately, the decision to choice a system integrator and equipment suppliers is yours. Please see our Supplier Neutrality Statement below. At this stage, the system integrator takes the lead as the project manager. They will work with both us and the equipment suppliers to make sure your install goes smoothly.


Sometimes problems can arise, and we are here to help. We offer technical support and service contracts should anything happen.

Supplier Neutrality Disclaimer

Promoting and building the market for UV-cured powder coating is the goal of Keyland Polymer.

Strong and viable relationships throughout the equipment supply channel are critical if Keyland is to achieve this goal. Each equipment supplier has unique capabilities and capacities; product, performance and service. Keyland values its relationship with each equipment supplier.

Keyland has and will acquire customers, as a result of its own marketing and sales efforts. Customers and prospective customers of Keyland may have existing relationships with equipment suppliers. Keyland will work with those suppliers and will respect the integrity and confidentiality of that supplier and customer relationship.

Equipment suppliers may present projects from their customers or prospective customers to Keyland. Keyland will respect the integrity and confidentiality of the equipment supplier’s relationship with their customer or prospective customer, throughout the project process.

Customers or prospective customers may ask Keyland for recommendations about equipment suppliers. Keyland will respond to those requests based upon its best judgment, evaluating the customer’s needs and the suppliers’ capabilities. In all cases the final equipment purchase decision will rest with the customer.