globe representing environmental benefits of uv powder coating

Environmental Benefits

UV powder is an environmentally friendly coating, containing no solvents, VOCs, HAPs, irritating monomers and oligomers. It is safe to use and can be reclaimed and recycled.

UV Powder Is Safe To Use

A spill can be swept or vacuumed with no residual damage to equipment or property. UV-curable powder coatings are safe to use and safe to handle.

Powder Can Be Recycled

UV-curable powder coating can be recycled or re-purposed. It doesn’t require operating or special permits.

UV Powder Can Be Reclaimed

UV powder coating can be reclaimed and reintroduced into the finishing operation. In fact, powder over-spray is reclaimable up to 98%. UV-curable powder coatings reduce or eliminate the material handling, permitting, environmental and waste disposal costs associated with the use of liquid coatings.

UV Powder Life Cycle Analysis