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Productivity Benefits

The productivity advantages of a UV coating system are substantial. A shorter process time equates to an increased finishing capacity and lower energy consumption.

A UV-curable powder coating system can produce more product, use less energy and has a lower cost of quality. Set-up times are shorter, thermal damage to substrate and process failures are virtually eliminated.

Liquid finishing requires solvent flash-off and thermal curing requires 30 minutes or more for curing. Although thermoset powder coatings do not require solvent flash, the cure temperatures are higher (204°C). A higher temperature requires an additional cooling period prior to handling.

  • Process and Efficiency Benefits

    • Less time waiting on daily start up and shut down
    • Increased finish capacity
    • Reduced number of parts on the finishing line
    • Reduction in defects and reworks

Time Advantage

The short and fast process time for UV-curable coating systems increases the daily finishing capacity and generates additional marginal revenue for the user. The graph below shows the process time advantages of a UV powder coating system compared to a thermal powder and liquid coating system.

part cycle time analysis of thermal cure coating vs UV powder coating systems