Introducing UVDURAPRESS™

Highspeed flatline finishing process for engineered wood panels with UV cured powder coating

UVDURAPRESS™ replaces solvent, water-based and UV paints and laminates used to finish Oriented Strand Board, Particle Board, and Medium Density Fiber Board. UV cured powder coating is exceptionally efficient, cost effective, and has a small carbon footprint.

The Finishing Process

Step 1

UV cured powder is applied and then melted. This step is fast, often as quickly as 30 seconds.

Step 2

Using a roller or a platen press, the melted powder is smoothed and fused to the face of the panel.

Step 3

UV cured powder is instantly cured with energy efficient UV LEDs or UV arc or medium pressure lamps.



Full sheet panel mill finishing or cut to size factory finishing


No adhesives or post lamination cure
50 to 150 feet per minute


Uses less space than other finishing options, line size as small as 40 linear feet


One coat with no primer or dry time
> 95% powder utilization


Smooth durable long lasting UV powder finish comparable to paints or laminates.

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