From coating development, formulation, manufacturing, and system design, Keyland is your go to for UV cured powder coatings.

UV Cured Powder Coating

Safe, Energy Efficient, Solvent Free, Water Free, and Instant Cure

UV Cured Powder Coating Safe, Energy Efficient, Solvent Free, Water Free, and Instant Cure

Keyland Polymer UV Powder develops, formulates, and manufactures UV curable powder coatings that are cured instantly with UV light. Sold under the UVMax® brand, Keyland’s UV cured powder coatings are a resilient finish for a variety of industries and applications.

Coatings for Heat Sensitive and Traditional Substrates

Plastic, Composites, Wood & Metal

The low process temperatures and instant cure make UV cured powder coatings ideal for plastic, composites, wood, and other heat sensitive substrates.

Our in-house laboratory will develop customized powder coating formulations to meet your product and performance requirements. Let’s work together to develop a coating for your specific application.

UVMax® Chemistry & Performance

  • Durable coatings designed to meet specific performance requirements
  • Decorative coating that provides a protective barrier
  • High crosslink density for improved surface performance
  • Long lasting finish that provides resistance to impact, scratch, chemicals, abrasion, water, and general wear

Productivity & Profitability

  • Increased finishing capacity
  • Reduced number of parts on the finishing line
  • Productivity improvements in excess 200%
  • Higher throughput = faster returns on investment
  • Smaller footprint with lower energy, material, and labor costs

Environmental & Safety

  • UV powder coating contains no solvents, VOCs, HAPs, irritating monomers, or oligomers
  • Safe to make and use with no operating or use permits required
  • UV powder can be reclaimed and reused or recycled into something new
  • Significant energy savings compared to thermoset powder coating or liquid paint processes