powder coat being applied to wood

Types of Applications

Before Keyland Polymer begins any project, we like to first evaluate the requirements to determine if a UV-cured powder coat would be a good fit. Below are some examples and scenarios.

Of course every scenario is different. Feel free to Contact Us and we can discuss!

  • Ideal Scenarios for UV Powder

    • Need for state of the art finishing system to add new or expand existing capacity
    • Looking for a replacement of end of life or obsolete finishing system with a highly productive and technologically advanced finishing system
    • Replacement of solvent-borne or solvent containing liquid coatings
    • Need to finish heat sensitive materials/assembled components without causing any damage to the parts
    • Looking to increase efficiency in process and a smaller plant footprint
    • Constrained by environmental regulations and the need to comply with regulatory requirements

  • Difficult Scenarios for UV Powder

    • Low volume
    • Complex geometries – UV powder requires “line of sight cure” meaning the object needs to be exposed to direct UV light to fully cure
    • Materials with extremely low melt points (below 100°C)
    • Exterior or marine use

Successful UV Curable Powder Coating System Applications

  • System for Pre Assembled Metal Doors

    Assisted in the design. build, start up of a UV powder coating system for steel pre assembled doors for the metal building industry.

  • System for DVUV Coating MDF Wood

    A one coat 20 minute single step finishing process for MDF wood components. Automatic spray application, IR/Convection oven and Microwave Wave. DVUV has produced millions of components for a variety of applications.

  • System for Coating Wire

    A high speed coating system finishing 4 flat cold rolled steel wires side by side at 300’ per minute. The system includes corona powder application, melt/flow stage using induction heat and UV lamps for curing. The melt/flow and UV curing stages are completed in 18’ or 3.6 seconds.