Available for a wide range of product applications and industries, UVMax® combines both functionality and performance in its line of UV-cured powder coatings.

Epoxy, Polyester, and Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid resin systems are available for a variety of substrates. A coating can be formulated to meet your specific finish performance requirements.

UVMax® is available in wide range of colors, glosses, and textures with custom color matching to any PMS, Pantone, or supplied sample.

Antimicrobial Additive

UVMax® UV cured powder coatings are now available with an antimicrobial additive option for added protection to inhibit the growth of harmful microbes which create bacteria, viruses, algae or fungi on powder coated surfaces.

Available for all resin chemistries in our UVMax® powder coating line without hindering coating appearance or performance.



Hospital Cart
Child Care Centers
Public Transportation

Gym Equipment
Medical Facilities


How It Works

An antimicrobial additive is added during the powder manufacturing process to help inhibit the growth of microbes on powder coated surfaces. The antimicrobial utilizes silver ion technology which helps stop harmful microbes from multiplying.  Silver is a highly regarded for its antimicrobial properties and highly effective in interfering with the cell membranes to prohibit growth.

Note: The use of antimicrobial in UVMax® UV cured powder coatings is not designed to eliminate the potential of harmful microbes on surfaces nor replace standard cleaning practices.