metal that is ready for uv-curable coatings

Powder Coating Metal

Metal is an ideal candidate for UV-curable powder coatings. We have created UV-powder formulations for both ferrous and nonferrous metals like: cold rolled steel, aluminum, tin plated steel, and brass.

UV-curable powder coating’s low melting temperature and fast finishing process make it an excellent option for pre-assembled metal parts containing heat sensitive materials (gaskets, plastics, and electronics) and metal parts that are large in mass.

There are many different processing steps that are used to prepare the metal for finishing. Some metals require specific pre-treatments. We have worked with various types including: zinc phosphate, iron phosphate, and zirconium. Every finishing system is unique, please contact us to discuss.

With growing environmental regulations many companies have approached us looking for a new or replacement system for their existing solvent-borne coating line. A UV-cured powder coating system offers excellent performance characteristics without the negative environmental impacts.

Fill out our Finish Requirements Form if you have an existing project you feel UV powder could be a fit for.


Technical Data

UV-Curable Powder Coatings on Metal

Application Data

Application Powder is typically sprayed using corona electrostatic spray guns.
Melt Melt times will range from 1-4 minutes depending on metal thickness, part size, oven set temperatures and type of oven.
UV Cure It is recommended that UV powder coatings be cured using gallium-doped lamps with a UV-V dosage of 2000-4000 mJ/cm2 and UV-V intensity of 1000-2000 mW/cm2. A coating temperature of 110-140°C (230-284°F) is recommended at the time of cure.
UV LED Cure Unpigmented and pigmented powder coatings will cure using a UV LED lamp under the correct parameters. Contact Keyland Polymer for product and process information.
Storage and Shelf Life Dry and cool conditions below 18°C (65°F) for 6 months are recommended for storage stability. Contact Keyland Polymer to confirm the appropriate storage conditions for your product.


Technical Properties

Gloss ASTM D 523 3-95 GU @60°
Adhesion ASTM D 3359, Method B 4B Minimum
Pencil Hardness ASTM D 3363 H – 4H
Impact Resistance ASTM D 2794 15-160+ in. -lbs Direct
15-160+ in. -lbs Indirect
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D 4060 CS-17 Wheel, 500g, 500 cycles 10 – 35 mg material loss
Conical Mandrel ASTM D 552 1/8″ Mandrel
No Cracking
Salt Spray ASTM B 117 1000 Hours Pass
<1/8″ Scribe Creep No Blisters


Film properties were determined using 1.7-2.3 mils (43-58 μm) powder film over pretreated iron phosphated, chrome rinsed, 22-gauge, unpolished cold rolled steel test panels. Impact was determined at 2.0 mils.


Available Colors and Products

Keyland Polymer can develop a custom powder to match both RAL and Pantone standards as well as customer supplied samples; including metallic and speckle finishes.

Our in-house coating, formulation and testing laboratory allows us to develop and validate coatings for your specific product application and performance requirements.

Disclaimer: The information listed is correct to the best of our knowledge and test results. The recommendations and suggestions herein are made without guarantee or representation of results. We recommend adequate testing in your laboratory or plant to determine if this product meets all of your finish requirements.